We have reached the end of the journey.

Hello, this is edolnx the Systems Administrator for Forgotten Realms: The North for the last 20 years. I've written this page to let everyone know that The North has come to an end. Over the last two decades, there have been a lot of ups and downs. I've tried to keep things running for this community, but running a 20yr old video game server like Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition is hard. The release of Extended Edition a few years ago was an attempt by the developers to address a lot of these concerns, but FRTN used a lot of mods and content packs that simply don't just drop into NWN:EE. Especially where the home of a lot of that content was on the old IGN Vault that no longer exists. The other issue has been that most of the development of FRTN was done by a close knit group within the FRTN community that kept most of their knowledge tribal. On top of that the last two years has seen a lot of the community move on to other interests, or sadly pass on from this plane of existence. I've archived the contents of the forums, wiki, and server. I'll try and find a way to scrub them of private information (like passwords) and post an archive publicly for archival, education, and historical purposes. But for now, thank you all for your participation in this community. Until we meet again.